Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Feederbrook Farm Photos

Please look at my new photos from Feederbrook Farm.
Emily Chamelin from Chamelin Shearing came to Feederbrook farm last week. Lisa Westra, shepherdess extraordinaire and the force behind the fiber, was kind enough to invite me and many other friends of the farm, so there were a lot of fascinated onlookers eager to see the shearing. A reporter and a photographer from North County News were there to "get the story". I don't know when the article will appear.

Emily demonstrated both hand shearing and electric shearing for us. She is very good at working while answering questions. She has an obvious talent for shearing and has a comprehensive knowledge of sheep and how to care for them.

Emily will be participating in the shearing competition at Maryland Sheep & Wool this year. There has not been a shearing competition in the U.S. for about 100 years, so it should be very exciting.

More info about Feederbrook Farm is on my personal blog, Totally Random Fiesta.

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